Employee FAQs
What kind of work positions do you fill?

Levert fills positions for all kinds of work including: Mining, Oil and Gas, Industrial, Technical Trades, and more. All Levert employees are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before accepting a work position.

If you're interested in Executive roles or Administrative support opportunities, please visit our sister-companies:

Do you take a percentage of my wage?
All of our career services are free to Levert employees. The client pays for such services upon asking Levert to recruit on their behalf.

If I acquire additional certificates or courses do I need to
register again?
You only need to register with Levert one time. If you do acquire more certificates or courses, notify your recruiter and he or she will update your profile. This may also qualify you for more than one job type.

What are your hours?

We're open from Monday to Friday: 8am to 5pm.

Who pays me and when do I get paid?
You are paid by Levert every Thursday at 12:00pm via Direct Deposit. Timesheets are due on Mondays at 12:00pm

How and when should I submit my time?
All timesheets are to be submitted by the following Monday at 12:00pm either by fax (705.560.7728), by dropping it off at the office, or by emailing your local recruiter.

How do I get more timesheets if I run out?
Timesheets may be downloaded from this website or picked up at the office.

Am I paid for the statutory holidays?
Yes. Statutory holidays will be paid in accordance with the Labour Standards Act.

Can you direct deposit my cheque?
Yes, Direct Deposit is now available to Levert staff.

I just moved and I changed my phone number, do I need to
update my information?
If you have any change of information (phone number, address), please notify our office as soon as possible so that we may keep your contact information current to promptly issue your cheques, T4's, as well as call you in for work.

What if I cannot make it into work and it is on the weekend?
If you are unable to go to your assigned job, call the office immediately. The answering service will notify the recruiter on call.

What if I cannot make it into work on a business day?
If you are unable to go to your assigned job, call the office immediately. The answering service (if before 7:00am) or the receptionist will notify your recruiter.

What do I do if I injure myself on the job?
Notify your supervisor / contact on the jobsite immediately. Call the office and ask
to speak to the Health and Safety coordinator. Do not let your injury go without reporting it.

What is NOWA?
NOWA is a worker's association that every Levert employee belongs to. Ken Valin is the current president of NOWA. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the NOWA website or contact him at nowacanada@gmail.com.

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