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Clients of Levert Executive Worldwide
Your Ideal Candidate is Out There

Today's recruiting demands are greater than ever. The time and effort required can easily affect an organization's ability to keep its focus on profitability. Company leaders end up juggling several complex issues at once, such as policies and procedures, hiring legislation and health and safety. Levert Executive Worldwide understands this and is dedicated to providing a complete range of executive job search & recruitment services, allowing clients to do what they do best.

At Levert Executive Worldwide, the needs of the client come first. Our employment consultants provide a unique blend of professional search experience and industry expertise which allows us to identify and recruit the market 's best talent for your organization. We offer the following services to our clients, providing substantial savings in both time and money:

  • Advertising
  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • Profiling
  • Interviewing
  • Reference checking

A Focused Action Plan
Levert's goal is to lift the burden of recruitment off your shoulders so you can focus on your business. To achieve this, we take a planned, deliberate approach to every assignment. In addition to a thorough understanding of your organization and its personnel needs, our job consultants based in Ontario, Canada will research and analyze the competition and research your marketplace to ensure the appropriate recruiting strategy is in place. Once the candidates have been pre-screened and selected, a short-list of outstanding individuals is finalized for your approval.

The Perfect Match
As our client relationships grow, so do our insights into their current and future needs for highly qualified professionals. Through our comprehensive job search & recruiting program, we ensure that critical positions are filled with the finest professionals available. We also recognize the time and trust you invest in the recruitment process so Levert is there long after the placement - making certain of a successful match and a positive, long-term relationship.

The Levert Executive Worldwide Difference
  • Programs customized to each client's needs
  • Solid fact-finding
  • Knowledge of your company's culture, trends and vision for the future
  • Meetings with key stakeholders
  • Understanding of key deliverables
  • Career mapping
  • Constant communication

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